Marketing, Content & Engagement

Marketing, Content & Engagement

Video for People

Promotion video for my former business,

Kid Eating a Cookie

Brand video for First Republic Bank


Setting the stage for a business leader's keynote speech

Cartoon Explainer

How ADP improves small businesses to manage cash flow, talent and risk

About Me

I’m a marketing pro with a passion for innovation and 18+ years of experience driving results by producing the right content, go-to-market positioning strategies, branding, sales tools and more.

At First Republic, I’m currently increasing market awareness, accelerating purchase journeys, empowering salespeople and boosting product engagement. It’s a cross-departmental role that suits me well.

Before First Republic, I established my clients’ value propositions and brought them to life in marketing videos for large and small businesses across North America. Through it all, I’ve become quite good at making complex topics easy to understand.

Prior to self-employment, I was a creative services manager, writer and UX designer. And my technical illustration work became nationally recognized.

I began my career doing graphic arts for a little scanner company where I beta tested the first version of Adobe Illustrator.

Let's Talk

I'm always interested in what companies are up to and how I might be able to help. That help can come in the way of content and collateral, video, or entire marketing strategies and methods for boosting engagement and product adoption. 

You can reach me on Linkedin:

I look forward to hearing from you.